Trilogy-Goodnight Kiss

Unlike any Gourmet decaf you will ever encounter. This unique Ethiopian Sidamo is decaffeinated using only natural mountain spring water and a patented “flavor lock” process of decaffeination that is a much healthier choice for our
consumers and our planet. (Most decaffeinated coffee processed using Methyl Chloride or Ethyl Acetate cleaning solvents)

The perfect ending to the perfect day.  Unlike any decaf you will ever encounter.  This Ethiopian Sidamo is decaffeinated using the water process of decaffeination that is a healthier choice for people and planet.  While most decaffeinated coffee is decaffeinated using Methyl Chloride or Ethyl Acetate (cleaning solvents), Good Night Kiss is decaffeinated with only mountain spring water and patented flavor lock process. 

Goodnight Kiss has a subtle brightness with flavor notes of citrus, dried berry and milk chocolate.  It has a creamy sweet lingering clean finish.  A very satisfying way to bed the day.
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Elevate your coffee tasting experience with these TRADITIONAL & AUTHENTIC Ethiopian (tribal) coffee recipes using select NEW AWAKENINGS Gourmet COFFEE:

Gojo(village hut)coffee:

  • Two scoops decaf GOODNIGHT KISS coffee
  • Add a pinch of salt
  • One egg white
  • Add a pinch of ground Cardamom
  • Brew or boil, strain/filter and add milk/cream and sugar to taste.

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