We are an exclusive specialty coffee Company that is dedicated to bringing you, our customers, PURE ORGANIC, exclusively Premium Ethiopian origin (1st generation natural Arabica hybrid) coffee beans. Each of our coffee brands, being strongly rooted in the past, playing a sacred role in ancient rituals and ceremonies, our premium beans are exquisitely profiled throughout the entire selection process and are identified by their own distinct and unmatched characteristic flavors, exhilarating aromas and vibrant tastes, with a natural finish that is absolutely contagious and will leave you, the coffee connoisseur, craving for your next sip.

The secret to making NEW AWAKENING’S GOURMET premium coffee brands the very best of the BEST is hidden in our unique ability to develop flavors already existing in our high quality beans. We have implemented enhanced natural and authentic flavor processing and roasting techniques learned from the ancient Ethiopian coffee craftsmen, traditional methods that bring out numerous hidden flavor notes permeating from the beans resulting in an explosion of subtle, yet, impactful flavors experienced in each and every cup.

At NEW AWAKENING’S GOURMET COFFEE we never stop learning how to maximize natural flavor notes in our superior quality beans knowing that each of us defines a great cup of coffee based upon widely different taste preferences and experiences.

NEW AWAKENING’S is quickly becoming the most CELEBRATED super supreme coffee enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs everywhere because of our strict adherence to the following critical quality factors that guarantee consistency:

  • Exclusive use of only pure organic Ethiopian premium grade coffee beans.
  • Organically cultivated at extremely high elevations underneath natural shade canopy in high fertility volcanic soil.
  • Ancient and traditional “Human touch only” cultivation, harvesting and processing practices, and selecting only the largest and ripest coffee cherries.
  • Naturally fermented process greatly amplifies natural inherent flavors in the beans.
  • Precise roasting settings to consistently achieve peak flavor enhancement. Impeccably crafted due to Master roaster’s ability to read/interpret the beans while roasting and cupping our coffees at various stages guaranteeing the full potential of our high quality beans and exceeding each customers taste expectations with every sip.