It is no secret that coffee has its beginnings in Ancient Ethiopia, the actual birthplace of coffee, known by Kings as the “elixir of life.” Ethiopia, a Country that is visually stunning, a magnificent mosaic of culture, extremely rich with ethnic diversity, with incredible natural and ancient man made wonders that are truly amazing.

NEW AWAKENING’S COFFEE believes that to appreciate the present, we must endeavor to experience the past…….to experience the past, we must TASTE the present. With this in mind, we have artfully crafted the most exclusive and finest coffee beans that ancient Ethiopia has to offer. We make it possible to imagine that with every aromatic and flavor filled sip of our premium branded coffee, you are tastefully transported to the mystical highlands of Ethiopia, participating in a celebration of the human spirit.So,if you fit the “pour and go” coffee drinking profile or, the leisurely “pour for more” satisfying coffee sipper, just remember, with NEW AWAKENING’S COFFEE, you are indeed tasting a thousand years of ceremonial traditions from generations of authentic “coffee disciples.”