Elevate the ROMANCE to “off the charts” levels by following this Authentic RECIPE OF LOVE:

  • Start with numerous delicious kisses mixed in with a cup of “MORNING KISS” signature elixir of love coffee from NEW AWAKENINGS GOURMET COFFEE.
  • Wrap your arms around “making each other special.” Try not to spill your coffee………..
  • Pour out each others LIFE FORCE (signature coffee) and create countless memories.Permissable to over stimulate as required………
  • Add plenty of compliments about each other(But, do not add anything to the pure Authentic Ethiopian Coffee),whispering sweet nothings, and “every things” in each others ears  and feeling the strong urge for another kiss and/or sip……….please be careful to sip responsibly.
  • Soak up the electric atmosphere you’ve created, reigniting the romantic connection between busy or stagnant lovers….go for the Ahhhhhh….as you both melt into that “SECRET SILHOUETTE”(signature coffee)…..underneath the moonlight, combining the ultimate blend of love’s true ingredients.
  • Combine all ingredients and activities and let simmer, sprinkle in commitment, devotion and seal the deal with a GOODNIGHT KISS (Signature decaf Coffee).

Keep your romance AUTHENTIC by following the above recipe for love combined with NEW AWAKENINGS GOURMET COFFEE, the gift that keeps on giving with an Authentic, Organic Ethiopian origin Premium Coffee taste that lasts and lasts and lasts…..and together, with your relationship, both will stand the test of time.

-------------------SACRIFICE NOTHING---------------------